Welcome to Ragnarok United

Ragnarok United is a low rate Renewal Ragnarok Online private server (10x/7x/30x/1x) that aims to provide an authentic experience for all of its players. Our server is currently based on Episode 16.1 and receives frequent updates from our professional development team. Our priority is to ensure that we maintaian a true Ragnarok Online experience without endless custom modifications that detract from the authentic experience. Players will find all of the official instances implemented along with the Achievement and Title systems, RODex, and several useful player utilities!

We operate our server on top-of-the-line hardware supported by secure network infrastructure to ensure consistent, uninterrupted game play. We also use cutting edge anti-cheat software to ensure no players may gain an unfair advantage over others. Our experienced Game Master team works diligently to provide meaningful support and exciting in-game seasonal and special events for our players to participate in! Come join the incredible family at Ragnarok United!


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